Visit the Norwegian EV Association and get the latest updates from the world`s leading EV policy and market.

The Norwegian EV Association represents the majority of the EV owners in Norway. We have  been working for the successful introduction of electric vehicles for over 20 years.

The Norwegian EV policy and market gets a lot of attention as the world´s leading EV market. We get visitors to Norway from all over the world with delegations from policy, business, research and media.

If you want to visit us in Oslo, we can arrange a package for you:

  • Presentation about the Norwegian EV policy and market.
  • Results from our yearly Norwegian EV owners survey.
  • Questions and disqussion.
  • Visit to a large fast charging station nearby.
  • Suggestions for other relevant Norwegian actors to meet.

The programme will be about 3 hours and take place at our office in Hagegata 23 in Oslo (Close to the Tøyen Metro Station). Since we are a NGO, we need to get our expences covered. Please contact us to arrange your visit, email or phone +47 90704545.