Elon Musk: – Thank you, Norway!

Tesla founder Elon Musk delivered a heartfelt and grateful «thank you» to Christina Bu of the Norwegian EV Association for Norway´s strong support to electric vehicles.

– Norway is a world leader when it comes to electric mobility. Your political incentives represent a great catalyst for the fantastic EV adoption, and you have fought for sustainable transport for more than 20 years. Not to forget renewable energy, said Musk. He thinks incentives for EVs make the playing field versus fossil fuelled cars more equal. – The thing to do is trying to eliminate the gigantic incentives for oil and gas in order to compete on an equal level, Musk said. He visited Norway last week to headline the Government conference on the green shift in the transport sector.  Afterwards he had an exclusive meeting with the secretary general of the Norwegian EV Association, Christina Bu.

«Norway is a very important market»

– Our association now has more than 35,000 members, probably the biggest EV owners organization in the world. Double that, and you have the number of EVs on Norwegian roads. Norwegian EV users have done a tremendous job adopting the new technology, said Bu. – Mr. Musk, how do you feel about 11,000 Model S vehicles having found their way to Norway? – Norway is a really important market for us, and the contribution from the Norwegian EV Association is highly appreciated. What you have done is very important for the transition to sustainable transport in general, said Musk.

Model 3: «Almost unbelieveable»

During the conversation he revealed his astonishment at the number of pre-orders for Tesla´s Model 3. – 100,000 would have been an impressive number. Now, with some 400,000 pre-orders, the number is almost unbelievable. I can´t wait to bring it to Norway. The Model 3 was probably the real wake up call for the rest of the industry. No one seemed to care when the Roadster was launched, Musk recalled. – Now the electric vehicle is finally nearing its real breakthrough, Musk added.

FACT FILE: Norsk elbilforening

  • Norsk elbilforening (Norwegian EV Association) was founded in November 1995.
  • Norsk elbilforening is an independent consumer organization (NGO) and today has more than 35,000 members.
  • Norsk elbilforening´s primary goal is to promote zero emission transport solutions. We support the introduction of vehicles that run fully or partially on renewable energy.
  • Norway now has approximately 80,000 battery electric vehicles (BEV) and around 15,000 plug-in hybrids (PHEV).