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Norway celebrating EV No. 50.000!

Denne artikkelen ble oppdatert for over ett år siden, og kan inneholde utdatert informasjon.

This week electric vehicle No. 50.000 rolled onto Norwegian roads. The historic event was of course celebrated by the Norwegian EV Association (Norsk elbilforening) – with the symbolic registration plate EL60000.

«This is a historic day for Norway. Our country is a global leader in developing and facilitating emissionfree road traffic», says secretary general Christina Bu of Norsk elbilforening. Electric vehicles are highly popular among Norwegian passenger car customers. Important reasons are incentives given by the government: The policy makes EVs competitive in the initial phase we are still in. «We would like to give our politicians credit for making the Norwegian EV success a reality», Bu adds. Ståle Frydenlund / elbil.no «So far this year EVs contribute almost 1/4 of total passenger car sales in Norway. Such a market share is without doubt a unique number globally, and makes Norway an important market – and a role model – for the world´s automotive industry.»

We represent more than 20,000 EV drivers

50.000 EVs today means that two percent out of all passenger cars are electric. «Our role as a beacon in the international EV market is perhaps the most important climate measure Norway is making in the longer term», says Bu. Ståle Frydenlund / elbil.no «Our politicians need to sit tight and let incentives last until the EV is competitive regarding range and price. The development so far has been much faster than we could imagine, and we think EVs will be competitive in only a few years. With more range and a well developed charging network in place there will be no reason to choose exhaust car any more. An EV is always better in terms of environment, energy effectivity, running cost and driving comfort», Bu adds. Norsk elbilforening represents the EV owners of Norway, and today has more than 20,000 members. Owners are very satisfied with their cars, even though they mean less range, uncertain secondhand value and incentives are temporary. EV owners also act as myth busters in their social circles. On average they inspire three new Norwegians in switching to EV driving. Download press photos here. Ståle Frydenlund / elbil.no