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The Norwegian EV Association's TEDx Talk sent with push notification to 38 millions: – If it can be done in Norway, it can be done anywhere!

Denne artikkelen ble oppdatert for over ett år siden, og kan inneholde utdatert informasjon.

A FAIRYTALE FROM THE NORTH: In her TEDxArendal speech, General Secretary Christina Bu shares how a small nation such as Norway has had a big impact on the EV expansion. Photos: Birgit Fostervold / TEDxArendal

Last fall, the General Secretary of the Norwegian EV Association, Christina Bu, spoke at TEDx Arendal. Now, her speech can be broadcasted to every corner of the world, and thousands have already tuned in.  

“We live in a country far north with long driving distances, rugged mountains, and long and cold winters.” 

Norway is a lengthy country, more than twice that of Germany. Yet, it is only home to about 5,5 million citizens.  

“In other words, this is not the most likely place to succeed with a transportation revolution.” 

Released in March

Bu was the first speaker of the day, kickstarting the 2022 TEDxArendal conference on November 4th.

ON YOUTUBE: Click to watch the TEDx Talk given by Christina Bu.

Late March the recording of Bu’s speech was released on the TEDx YouTube channel, and within the first 24 hours more than 25.000 people had already tuned in to learn about the EV revolution.  

The TEDx team shared the video from their central offices in New York, alerting their 38 million subscribers.  

Studied the night before

In the 24 hours leading up to her speech, Bu spent considerable time rehearsing, making certain her five-and-a-half-page speech would be performed seamlessly in front of both the cameras and a packed audience. 

«It was demanding, but also very fun. I made certain to know the speech by heart», tells Bu.  

In the TEDx universe, no speech exceeds 18 minutes. This ought to be sufficient time to convey a message or idea efficiently, while never losing the interest of the audiences.  

No signs of nervousness

Bu was invited to speak about something she’s deeply passionate about: The electrification of the transport sector. As well as the lessons that the Norwegian success story can offer the world.  

«Luckily, I’m not nervous in front of audiences, but I was a bit anxious I might forget parts of the speech or exceed the 18 minutes.»  

PULLING IN THE SAME DIRECTION: During the past five to ten years, we have experienced a collective change of opinion here in Norway. Electric vehicles have abruptly become the new normal, Christina Bu explained in Arendal.  

In her speech, Bu explains just how quickly the electric development has taken place. Ten years ago, only three percent of new car sales were electric. Today, however, we are seeing a historic number in EV sales.   

Bu elaborates in her TEDx speech:  

“This is quite a fast transition when you think about everything that has had to change to make it happen – we needed cars with a new technology, charging stations to charge them and last, but not least, people had to buy them.” 

But what exactly made electric cars so popular in Norway, compared with the rest of the world?

According to Bu, although a key word is often economy, the secret has little to do with Norway’s wealth.  

Instead, she highlights the importance of environmental fees, taxing ICE vehicles, and facilitating electric vehicles. 

No more excuses!  

She completed her speech well within the time limit, at 13 minutes and 24 seconds. Rounding off with a clear message to the world:  

“So, my message to the rest of the world is that it’s time to stop making excuses: If it can be done in Norway, it can be done anywhere!”  

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